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Équipe du Tapeo

Victor Afonso

Victor Afonso

Victor, one of the masterminds behind the success of Tapeo, shares his partner Sebastien’s views when it comes to describing his vision of the restaurant business:

“It's my duty to create a warm and lively atmosphere for our customers, where quality products are served in a simple yet divine way in order to awaken their taste buds.”

“Making our customers feel that they are surrounded by people who are passionate about their work is what we have at heart.”
Sébastien Muniz

Sébastien Muniz

When talking to Sebastien about the restaurant, it is obvious to see the passion
he has for the business, which was his childhood dream.

“For a brief moment in the lives of our customers, we try to take them on a short culinary journey, where we want to awaken all their senses. This was the main idea behind Tapeo’s adventure which has been refined throughout the years, and it is that which
best defines the uniqueness of Tapeo.”

“Above all, we aim to attract customers who want to dine in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, who value the personal touch and do not accept any compromise
on quality.”
Marie-Fleur St-Pierre

Marie-Fleur St-Pierre

Come and experience the  magic  
of our kitchen.

At the age of 26, Marie-Fleur already has a solid reputation amongst other young chefs who have made Montreal a gastronomic destination in North America.

All you need is a few minutes with Marie-Fleur to understand the inspiration behind her culinary creations. It is in the kitchen where she does magic !

“The perfect blend of flavours and exact proportions are what allow me to get back to the basics and also the reason behind my taste for cooking. It is important to let the food express itself to create a tasty meal with simplicity and spontaneity.”

Business Hours

Tuesday to Friday (Lunch) • 11:45am to 14:30pm
Tuesday and Wednesday • 5pm to 10pm
Thursday, Friday and Saturday • 5pm to 11pm
Sunday • 5:pm to 10pm
Monday • closed
Valet service Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening by Valet Québec.


511 Villeray
Montreal (Qc)
H2R 1H5
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The Press

On Villeray St., Tapeo serves up excellent Spanish nibblies, tapping into a gourmet trend making its way to Montreal.

The Gazette

Simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve in a restaurant. Tapeo, however, makes it look - well, simple.

Gourmet Magazine